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today is the first day of a new begining

January 11, 2007

We often find ourselves out of focus and lost. This is the way I feel out the Internet. Nothing makes sense, technology is all around us but it does nothing to calm our nerves or to alleviate our problems. Computers began as a way to make difficult things easy, but in fact we took that extra power to only overextend what we were meant to do. The primary fallback of technology is its insatiable hunger ofr our disposable time, which in itself is at an all time low. Why is this you ask? It is the very technology that makes us more efficient that entices corporations to only overdraft the delicate human resources in which they so deeply rely upon. We the end workers end up working 200-300% more than our fathers and grandparents. Think about emails, IM, smart phones, Text messages. Do you really ever disconnect? Human connection is a necessity in which we thrive. Faceless meetings and passing emails only separate us further fro our fellow man or women. We used to have 3 best friends that we all ate lunch with in the cafeteria. They shared out laughs, our goals, our dreams and of course our failures. Now what do we have, 100’s of friends that receive our passing Hi’s and “nothing much, how about you?” they see our pictures, our e-cards, but do they really see their long lost friend. Technology gives us 100’s of connections to people everyday, but does it dilute the real connections we once cherished so much, I dare say “Yes”. So the motto of today, is stop emailing, stop im’ing, stop social networks, and go an call or visit a friend. Write a heartfelt letter and send it via post mail. Remember how good it felt to hold something tangible. Stop the virtual living and begin your human living.

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